CrossFit Turlock


Shannon Tate

-CrossFit Level 1

-CrossFit Olympic Lifting: 2x

-CrossFit Endurance

-CrossFit Movement and Mobility

-Competitve gymnastic coach (10+ years)


-Bachelors Degree Physical Education

  and Health and Wellness Promotion

-over 10 years experience coaching competitive

and recreational gymnastics

-7 + years in Fitness Management, Personal Training/Coaching 

*spin instructor, bootcamp classes, corporate wellness programming

*Personal training for health, fitness and performance

*individual coaching and program design for endurance athletes

Sports I have competed in and enjoy...

gymnastics, swimming, water polo, running- (5ks, cross country, marathons), triathlon

Sports I have trained in, wish I was better, and want to continue to improve ...

triathalon, cycling, olympic lifting, and running distances under 3 miles!

I love CrossFit because it is a lifestyle of physical training that develops "strength" from head to toe and from the inside out.  CrossFit empowers its followers in health, fitness, sport and most important life!  


Kaci Mabe

-Crossfit Level 1 (July 2011)

-Group Exercise Instructor

-Certified Personal Trainer

-Master of Science, Industrial/Organizational Psychology

-B.A. Psychology

-Spin Instructor for 2+ years

-Competitive gymnast for 7+ years

-Youth track coach for 4 years

Sports I competed in competitively for 4+ years include: volleyball, track (hurdles, 400 meters), and pole vaulting. 

Areas I need to continue to work on are Olympic-lifting, running distances over 6 miles, and most of all, SWIMMING!!!!

CrossFit is the first physical activity since competitive sports that has truly challenged, motivated, and encouraged me to push myself beyond my own expectations.  The sky is the limit!

“We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, therefore,
is not an act but a habit.” 

Danielle Stern

Sam Smith















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